German Wine Route: Asselheim

Asselheim, a village with 100 inhabitants, was first documentary mentioned on 7th may 767 in the Lorscher Codec.

Asselheim at the German Wine Road

In this document, the two franconian Hildwin and Reginfried donated a vineyard in the boundaries of "Azzalunheim" to Limburg Abbey.

Artifacts that where found in the village district proof that this area was settled from about 1800 BC.

Artifacts from the Hallstatt culture, the Franconian and the Romans show that Asselheim with its strategically important situation on the outskirts of the Palatinate Forest to the Rhine valley was settled continuously from ancient times on.

Asselheim was place of trial since the 11th century.
The Thirty Years War and the succession pestilence brought dramatic changings to Asselheim. Just members of 8 families survived.


Vineyards of Asselheim, Asselheimer Weinlagen