German Wine Route: Deidesheim


Deidesheim is a small town with 3700 inhabitants and an area of 26,5 km² and was first documentary mentioned in documents of the Weissenburg Abbey in 699.

Vineyard near Deidesheim, Germany

Deidesheim was also mentioned in documents of the Abbey of Fulda in 770 and in the Lorscher Codex (Documents of the Abbey of Lorsch) wine growing was mentioned in 791.

Count Johann of Kraichgau donated his personal belongings, among Deidesheim to the Diocese of Speyer when he became bishop Johann I. of Speyer 1090. The Count Bishops palace was first mentioned in 1292.

Bishop Gerhard of Ehrenberg admitted to build a town fortification in 1360. In 1395 Deidesheim was conferred municipal laws by Wenceslaus, King of the Romans.

The fortification walls did not bring much security against several pillages in 1396, 1460, 1525, 1552, during the Thirty Years War from 1618 - 1648 and during the War of the Grand Alliance in 1689 and 1693.


Vineyards of Deidesheim, Deidesheimer Weinlagen