German Wine Route: Gimmeldingen

Gimmeldingen is a village with 2600 inhabitants that was first documentary mentioned in 1109 as "Gomeltingen". It is situated on the outskirts of the Palatinate Forest and is well known for the Mandelbluetenfest, the almond blossom fest, held each year in spring in march, depending on the start of the almond blossom, dipping the whole countryside in light pink up to one month earlier than in other parts of germany that are not blessed by such a warm climate.

The catholic church of St. Nicholas was erected on the same place where a former building was mentioned in 1366. The construction of the current church started about 1400.

This pavilion in Gimmeldingen was a favourite resting place of Ludwig I. of Bavaria and his entourage when he was in his summer residence in Palace Ludwigshoehe near Edenkoben. Ludwig was a lover of the Pfalz, calling it the garden of Germany.


Vineyards of Gimmeldingen, Gimmeldinger Weinlagen