German Wine Route: Kallstadt

The area around Kallstadt lies beside an old Roman road that connected the Alsace with the Rhine and was a prosperous cultural landscape in Roman times. Numerous archaeological artifacts document settlements from merchants, legionnaires and winegrowers from about 79 B.C. to at least 383 AD.The establishment goes back to a franconian clan with a chief named Chagilo that was the eponym of Kallstadt, about 500 AD.

Kallstadt was first documentary mentioned in 824 as "Cagelenstat". Originally a village of the Holy Roman Empire, it was later reigned by the county of Pfeffingen (Homburg) and was a feud to the knights of Montfort from 1321 and to the knights of castle Lichtenberg (Alsace) from 1451 to 1551. From that time Kallstadt belonged to the Leininger County until 1794.


Vineyards of Kallstadt, Kallstadter Weinlagen