German Wine Route: Koenigsbach

Koenigsbach has 1250 inhabitants and was first documentary mentioned in 1250 as "Kinspach".

The catholic church of John the Baptist is a baroque church erected in the 18th century next to a late gothic tower bearing a crucifixion scene painted about 1470/ 1480.

The catholic manse is former palace from the House of Hirschhorn that was erected in 1604.

The former episcopal palace that was erected in 1759 nowadays contains a winery.

The chapel of the Fourteen Holy Helpers was built about 1351.

"Hildenbrandseck" are two manor buildings, the lower palace (Unteres Herrenhaus) was built in 1616 and reconstructed end of the 18th century, the upper palace (Oberes Schlösschen) is a renaissance building of 1574.


Vineyards of Koenigsbach, Königsbacher Weinlagen