German Wine Route: Neustadt-Hambach

Hambach is a village with about 5500 inhabitants, it was first documentary mentioned in 865 as "Hagenbach".

Neustadt-Hambach at the German Wine Road

Hambach Castle (Hambacher Schloss) was the place of the Hambacher Fest, where the german flag was shown in public for the first time in 1832. Today one of those places where politicans wave and smile into cameras from time to time.

The catholic church of St. Jacob is a baroque one nave hall type church constructed in sandstone in 1750 - 1751 with rococo altars made according to a layout of Vincent Moehring. The late gothic tower of the church bears wall paintings made in the 14th century, in front of the church is a crucifixion monument from 1731.

The old centre of Hambach has numerous framework buildings from the 18th century with characteristic yard gates, the town hall was built in the 18th century, the marketplace fountain is from the 19th century.

"Gasthaus zum Engel" is a charming group of framework buildings with renaissance windows built in the 17th century. The former episcopal foresters house is a renaissance building from 1585 with a stair tower.


Vineyards of Hambach, Hambacher Weinlagen