German Wine Route: Freinsheim

Freinsheim has 4950 inhabitants and an area of 13,6 km². It was first documentary mentioned in 773 as "Fraineshaim". Besides Neuleiningen Freinsheim is the only township in the Palatinate with an existing fortification wall. The town centre burnt down in 1689 but the about 1,3 km long fortification wall with the most steeples and the two town gates sustained this tragedy.

The protestant church of St. Peter is a building of the late 15th century, reconstructed in the 16th century and after the destructions of 1689.

The catholic church of St. Peter and Paul was built around 1780, baroque high altar presumably by Johannes Leydig of Worms, rich interior from the 18th century.

South of Freinsheim is a cemetery on a hill with a gravestone of 1540, a steeple and remnants of a chapel consecrated to virgin mary.

A round trench is the only remaining of the palace, a former water castle that was first documentary mentioned in 1146.

The impressing baroque town hall was built from 1720 - 1732 by Sigismund Zeller.

The town fortification walls where built from about 1471, both town gates and 11 of 20 steeples are preserved.


Vineyards of Freinsheim, Freinsheimer Weinlagen