German Wine Route

Possible itinerary


Day 1

Arrive at your hotel, check in, have a hike in the vineyards, visit a vintner (or two) and taste some wines


Day 2

Cruise the wine route (either from north to south or from south to north...), visit some churches, stop at a restaurant and have lunch or visit a lookout point and have a picnic, tasting some wine you purchased on the route


Day 3

Have a side trip to the UNESCO biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest - Northern Alsace visit some castles, have lunch on a restaurant of your choice between Wissembourg - Bitche (France), Pirmasens/ Kaiserslautern/ Dahn/ Annweiler (Germany). Maybe you find time for a hike to a lookout point, overviewing the most densely forested area of middle europe


Day 4

Visit the Max Slevogt (german impresionist) galery at the summer residence of bavarian King Ludwig I., Villa Ludwigshöhe near Edenkoben; take the chair lift to nearby Rietburg castle and have one more famous view of the rhine valley.

Visit some more vintners, get familiar with the crowd in a local restaurant or on a wine festival


Day 5

I didn`t say try to drink as much as the locals do. Seems like you need a day of. Bad luck...


Day 6

Your wife speaks again with you, she even listens to your answers... After a harmonic breakfast with singing birds and fluttering butterflies around, you decide to have a side trip to Schwetzingen palace with one of the best examples of baroque garden parkways in germany, then you have a visit to nearby Speyer and gaze at the cathedral, the biggest romanesque church worldwide, visit the jewish courtyard with a medieval mikvah, catch a glimbse of the rest of the churches


Day 7

Ask your hotelier for a hiking trail, there is a huge choice of well signed hiking trails at the german wine route and the palatinate forest. There are so called "Pfälzerwaldhütten" (and "Naturfreundehaus") in the palatinate forest, these huts are managed by the Pfälzerwaldverein (or the Naturfreundeverein...) (Palatinate Forest Hiking Association) and offer substantial dishes for unbeatable low prices. Some of these huts also offer accomodations.



Possible Side trips lasting 1 day

(travel distance from Neustadt)


- Strassbourg (France) (105km) with its cathedral/ minster and picturesque old town

- Heidelberg (60km) with its castle and old town

- Worms (50km) and Mainz (100km) with the cathedrals

- Koblenz and the middle rhine valley (150km)

- Lorsch abbey (65km), UNESCO World heritage site