German Wine Route: Speyer

Speyer, although not in today's winegrowing region, once was the centre of the Salian dynasty and the Holy Roman Empire and although it is not a main tourist attraction it is a pleasant small town to visit.

Speyer cathedral seen from south east

Speyer Cathedral, seen from south east



The imperial cathedral of Speyer is the largest romanesque church worldwide and an UNESCO World heritage site. The laying of the foundation stone dates back to 1030. It is the burial place of 4 Emperors and 4 kings of the Salian dynasty.


Speyer is a diocesan town and bishops are mentioned back to 346.

Speyer Cathedral seen from the north

Speyer Cathedral seen from the north

Speyer cathedral view from east

Speyer cathedral seen from the east

Speyer cathedral medieval stainless steel

Medieval stainless steel?

East of the cathedral is the Heidentürmchen, literally translated the `small heathlands tower`, a remaining tower of the former town fortification wall, located on a small hide on the former riverbanks of the Rhine river.

Speyer Heidentuermchen

Heidentuermchen, town fortification

Speyer Heidentuermchen south view

North of the cathedral is the - rather small - old town of Speyer with some interesting and old framwork buildings.

Speyer old town

Framework buildings north of cathedral

Speyer old town

Old town of Speyer - north of cathedral