German Wine Route: Ranschbach

Ranschbach has 700 inhabitants and an area of 1,2km².

Maria in the vineyards

About half an hour foot walk from Ranschbach is a water spring. On this place there was a spring sanctuary in pre-christian times, on this place a sanctuary was erected where a picture of the Holy Mary was adored. The first chapel was destroyed in 1575 due to an order of Duke Johann, but the pilgrims came into the church of Ranschbach where the picture was brought to.

in 1928 a grotto was erected on this place where a procession is held the day before the Visitation of Virgin Mary.

On the 6th july 1975 Bishop Friedrich Wetter consecrated the altar of 1477 that was found inside the former chapel fundament.


Vineyards of Ranschbach, Ranschbacher Weinlagen