German Wine Route: St. Martin

St. Martin is a village with 1900 inhabitants and an area of 11,3 km².

Sunset over the Haardt mountains

The medieval old town was put on preservation order in 1980. The area was settled since roman times and first documentary mentioned in 1149.

Embedded in a long valley, the village is protected by the palatinate forest on the western side, northwards you can see the second biggest hill of the Palatinate, the 673m high Kalmit. The Skull Road, leading to the french-german biosphere reserve palatinate forest-northern vosges, starts on the northern end of Sankt Martin. In front of the southern end of the village lies the stronghold Kropsburg, once being the residence of the highest barons of the Reich, the knights of Dalberg.

Sankt Martin has 3 wine growing areas on approximately 200 ha.


Vineyards of Sankt Martin, Sankt Martiner Weinlagen