German Wine Route: Weyher

Weyher has 550 inhabitants and an area of 5,2km². Lying under the 618m high Blaetterberg on the entrance to the Modenbachvalley it was first documentary mentioned in the year 777. The area was populated in roman times, several stone sarcophaguses and a roman villa were found in Weyher.

The town hall from 1609 and the church of St. Peter and Paul, build in 1717 are remarkable buildings. The church bears the oldest church bells of the palatinate In 1794, occupied by the french, the church bells were put out of the steeple, waiting for their evacuation to get melted on the next day, but the inhabitants of Weyher put the bells away, digging them in a vineyard. When the french army went away in 1804 the bells where put inside the church steeple again.


Vineyards of Weyher, Weyherer Weinlagen